Incorporated in 1947, Remet was founded by Josef Reid, whose family can lay claim to around 250 years of experience in the metal industry. Remet operates on an international level and has, during its history, acquired various complementary businesses and has formed alliances around the world, creating a truly global empire.

Remet is a non-ferrous scrap metal trading business. We move approximately 60,000 tonnes of material per annum and enjoy long standing relationships with suppliers and customers alike across the UK, Europe, the Americas and Asia. Remet employs 21 people at its base in Canning Town, London.

Avon Metals Ltd was acquired on 23 January 2001. The Avon business can trace its roots back to 1959 and has a long and distinguished track record. It produces primary and secondary based aluminium master alloys, grain refiners and modifiers. In recent years, the company has successfully moved into trading high quality non-ferrous scrap including: primary base metals, minor metals and ferro-alloys. Avon is proud to have received two Queens Awards for Enterprise International Trade (2007) and Sustainable Development (2009). Avon operates from Gloucester and employs 57 people.

Avon Specialty Metals Ltd was founded in 2012 and is involved in the processing and trading of the metals Tantalum, Niobium, Molybdenum, Tungsten and Rhenium in various forms. Our products are used by end users in the superalloy, aerospace, power generation, tooling, powder metallurgy, petrochemical, hardmetal & welding industries. We are the supplier of choice to many major blue chip companies around the world.


Group annual revenues total over half a billion US dollars.