Our business principles reflect our commitment to our industry, environment, customers and suppliers alike. They describe standards that everyone at Remet is expected to uphold and by doing so, they are supporting the company's approach to operate our business responsibly.


We conduct our business with total professionalism, honesty, integrity and openness. We furthermore respect the legitimate interest of our business partners.


Experience show us if we serve customers and suppliers well, our own success will follow. Our sights are therefore set at offering the highest level of service to our trade partners and in doing so, we are able to achieve reliability and competitiveness ahead of others in our industry.

Remet is committed to establishing mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers alike. In lieu of this, we expect our partners to adopt principles consistent with our own.


Our long-term goal is to develop a sustainable business by adopting good practices. We are therefore committed to making decisions on a conscious and continuous basis to manage and improve the impact our business has on the environment.


Remet's accounting records and supporting documentation accurately describes and reflects the nature of any underlying transactions.


At Remet we have adopted a model of sustainable development through resource management. Our focus will always be on trading secondary raw materials.

In trading secondary raw materials we take seriously our responsibility to the communities in which we touch through our commercial activities and therefore commit ourselves to social and environment need of the world. This means we dont sell our materials to unlicensed practices or companies we believe do not protect the environment.